Sun Day, Sunday, Son Day

Finally made it on the creek this Sunday and what a sunny day it was! Absolutely beautiful day it was too. Kept my eyes peeled for a FlatRat but we never crossed paths… I did happen to encounter a swimming Optiker getting cooled off in the 81° current, stopped for a quick chat then to the back creeks we went. Bait was tougher than usual to get and only ended up with 3 finger mullet that didnt got through the little net and one horse mullet. Cut up the horse and soaked the lives and all of it got attention. If it was a tourney day we would have had a good chance as they all seemed to be line painters or close to it. The bait went quicker than it came and it was a good couple of hours. I did manage to not paint anymore Sunday but I did go clean up my moms yard some and planted a few flowers for her too. So, it was a good day even though I got a little more sun than my back wanted!

Thats not my usual stupid look on my face, I was watching the wifes rod buckle over, it was on!



Always good to see you Stump! Here I am cooling off with my HS buddy Scott when a boat comes idling by. I yell “Stump!” and your wife starts laughing :slight_smile: That dip in the water felt really good…
Till next time my friend

Well Stump I fish GC on yesterday and done pretty good for the few hours I was out. Only fished a small segment of the river but the trout and flounder bite was good. You guys must’ve been up river.


Nice Fish!!!

An Optiker illusion while idling through the Stump field…while Fatrat, Meshack, and Abindigo all were cruising around on the sabboth! All I can say is these 3 members had that section of water sowed up tight, wasn’t any fish getting by their boat!

Good looking reds!

Looks like y’all had a blast…
I forget what officials like if it wasn’t for y’all.