Sunday 08_28_2022 Yonges island

Started the day with beautiful weather, but wind out of the East.

Headed to Yonges island area fishing the last of the incoming and start of the outgoing tides. Water temps were around 85, mostly clear water. We had lots of live shrimp and finger mullet, plus some frozen mullet as backup. We did pretty good most of the day. Ended the day with 6 reds, two keepers, a couple of undersized trout, small black drum and a bonnethead shark. Surprisingly, not one sting ray! Storms finally sent us back to the dock.

But came home with two keeper reds for dinner.


Nice pics and report. :+1:

Definitely a good trip… Those clouds will make you pucker for sure. Looks like a wonderful area to be in.

I love the color on the second fish!

… ain’t seen a red one yet…

Looks like y’all had a good day. Those rains clouds looked pretty ominous. I like seeing them from a distance.

Bookends (ten characters two fish) Bookends

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Question on cooking for those of you that eat reds. I tried one on the grill years ago and did not like it. I actually remember a blood line or dark part of the meat. A friend of mine says he cuts the gills and bleads them out if he keeps them and they taste great. I’ve never tried that. I do however keep the black drum and think they are very tasty. Just wondering how you guys/girls prepare this fish?

Black drum of any size almost always has worms, in my experience.

Channel Bass, spot tail, redfish, grass carp, puppy drum,whatever you call them are a much superior table fare fish by far,again IMO

Start with fresh fish

Filet and skin off, trim any bloodline, egg wash, house autry, oil bath…

Thats my favorite

Filleted them and removed the skin. Didn’t have any red blood lines in the fillets. Flour, egg wash, panko breading with some added spices, then fried them in a small amount of oil. Served with lemon. Pretty good tasting fish, not as light as flounder or trout, but still tasted great. We have also cooked them ‘blackened’, which I like a lot but it’s too spicy for my wife.

I’m lazy and always fillet then leave skin and scales on, grill it on the half shell. Lots of variations, Cajun, etc. simple and pretty fool proof.

Reds are better eating than black drums for me. Anything fried is good, but I prefer filleted out, skinned and then blackened. For a real treat on those smaller fillets, I’ll get a little lump crab meat and sandwich it in between two fillets. Drizzle in butter and bake in the oven. Oh man that’s good stuff. I think the recipe is called crab stuffed, but I do it with flounder on the regular.

Mine’s never this pretty, but something like this.

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I fillet them but, when I’m feeling lazy, I’ll head it, gut it and scale it and then my wife will bake it with some lemon butter. Very tasty.

I’ve heard many people talk about bleeding various fish, but personally I’ve not really noticed a difference in anything but a shark. That’s the only fish I’ll bleed, and I do it by slicing it from gills to but, remove guts, rake the back with the knife, wash in the ocean, and put on ice. I’ve got a buddy that cuts the V meaty area on the bottom of the fish between the gills on every fish he takes and then puts on ice.

Biggest thing, like others have stated, is removing any “red” meat, You can not do that on a fish unless you remove the skin. The grey meat you may see after cooking a fish is what was the red meat and it has a strong flavor. Preparation is key, and expect smaller “chunks” of filleted meat instead of one big fillet if you get rid of all red meat.

I’m definitely with you on this “bleeding” Fred. My preference is to put them strait on an ice slurry in the summertime if I want to keep or if someone wants to keep for their family.
Live box in winter, go home, put them on ice and clean the next day. I don’t want to kill them myself because i honestly don’t want a bloody boat, livewell to clean out when I get home.

I’m extremely anal about getting that bloodline out. Redfish are obviously more distinct than trout. And trout more distinct than flounder. I don’t waste meat and I always soak mine in a lemon water/tap water solution before I fry or bake them.
Never kept a shark so don’t know the first thing about that.

Question for you guys. …and to be fair it’s a fresh water wallet question, but are guys familiar with a “ zipper” when cleaning walleye? Wondering if it’s something I can do with trout but I haven’t kept trout since walleye fishing this spring.

Oh, and only get walleye from Michigan. I here you can get lead poisoning otherwise. :joy::joy::joy:

Not familiar with the “zipper” ? On walleye, that’s my favorite fresh water fish! Had a restaurant that had all you could eat every Friday for $10.99 with a “pop”. Of course that was a bit ago.

On the shark, so much better than a lot would think. I’ve had them put on ice with out bleeding and I won’t eat them do to the funky smell and taste. Not there if bled right away. I could see your point on not wanting your boat bloody… A live shark is a wiggley rascal and can make a mess. Nice to have a partner help hold still. raw water wash down or a five gallon bucket of water works wonders on that.

I seen that story about the lead in walleye.haha