Sunday 4/3

Hey I’m new to the forum but wanted to let everyone know we had a great day at the little river reef caught probably 40 black sea bass and my friend hooked into something big and fought it for 30 to 40 mins until he pulled part of its mouth off. I really hate that we didn’t get to see what it was. Most of the sea bass were 14 to 16 inches long

Nice to see a LR post. We fish out of Cherry Grove and will be checking out that reef soon. I wish you had gotten that big fish up. Maybe an amberjack.

This is my first ever post here. Awesome site. I fish 200 miles inland for catfish all the time. But I’m going to be fishing out of the Little River in 3 weeks. I’m trying to gather any info I can. I’ve never pulled one of my boats to the beach before. Always just surf and pier fished. I’m really looking forward to it. I plan on fishing the waterway and going out and staying near shore if it’s calm. It sounds like trolling for spanish mackerals might be pretty easy. I’m thinking about doing some of that. I’d like to buy some trolling lures that might be worth while before I go. The clark spoons come highly recommended from what I’ve read.
But like I said, salt water is all new to me. I just want to fish for whats biting at the time.

Send me your email and I will send you more information on what my husband and I know. Google ‘best trolling lures’ and that will give you some other information.

email sent. I appreciate the help Girldawg. And thanks for the message also Capt_Keith.

If you need a captain for inshore…Capt. Mark Dickson (Shallow Minded Charters) or Capt. Patrick Kelly ( Capt. Smiley’s Charters) you will be glad you did!