Sunday 5.16 dolphin + hammerheads

Started the morning with one small cow in 315ft 75° in a wide area of scattered weeds, decided to head for the bottom after a while of nothing more. Ran into very sparse scattered weeds in 120ft just under 71°, nothing to get excited about. Well (**() if we didn’t pick up 3 gaffers on 3 short passes, I would not usually have even bothered fishing that. On to the bottom, picked up a trigger on a butterfly jig and had something large strip line for a minute then spit a jig. Saw two surfacing hammerheads while drifting the bottom, got within 15ft for some good vid. Seas laid down for the return. Was a good day despite the run out being less than pleasant. 

Good for you. Gonna be a fast season I believe.

What size boat were you in?

That North/East wind can kick up some serious seas. East wind this week ought to form up some nice weed lines.

We’ll see.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

I think that warm water in around 120’ Mdaddy’s sat view shows is why y’all picked up the Dolphins there. Glad to see, thanks for the report.

Sea Hunt 212 Triton "Head East"

Big push in with warm water.

I’ll post when I go. Gots to go out of town this week…then I’m free.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Was in a 27ft. I looked at Ripcharts before going out, saw an apparent eddy around 300ft so started there.