Sunday 9/8...Torn..Surf or Fish

Sunday a.m…was looking at the buoy and wind…swell was about 4ft at 10 seconds…light offshore winds…thought about cancelling the fishing trip so go surf my brains out…crew was jacked to go fishing…

Loaded the live well off of Folly and pushed out on a slick calm ocean with a perfect swell rolling… pretty day. Made it out to 150’ in search of Grouper…first drop was Scamp on for Jeff and then it turned into a cluster F. Lines kept getting tangled on the drift. Needed 12 oz sinkers but did not have them. Decided to pull the plug…trolled an hour for Nada. Headed back to 100’. Lit up live bottom…Caught some Knotheads,Vermillions, and then had a school of a dozen gaffer Dolphins swimming around the boat…we ended up putting 7 in the box…caught various other bottom fish and one big ARS that was released. The Dolphin saved the day in padding the fish box.

Had a pod of Spotted Dolphins playing around the boat…one had an Octopus and was throwing it up in the air…showing it off to us…pretty cool to see.

On the way home we messed around with the Albies…they were thick out there and great on light spinning rods. Had a first timer onboard and he had a blast.

Flat calm ride home…and got to surf the end of the swell this morning.

I’ve almost backed out of a couple trips due to weather and conditions but get out there and it’s so calm you wanna just slap the weather man. Good to hear the dolphin are still schooling up top. I’m ready to catch some

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Thanks for the report. About how far out were the albies? I’ve got a buddy who wants to catch one on the fly and owe him a birthday trip. Again, thanks.

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Hey Got2go…I started seeing Albies in 50’. Saw them all the way out to 150’. Eating very tiny baitfish…I run trips for Albies on the fly…they can be frustrating but just keep at it and you will hook up…small flies and two handed retrieve…as fast as you can strip is usually the ticket…

BlueFly, Thanks for the trip. It was a blast. Big boy still tells the stories to everyone that will listen.

I will try to get the vid of the Albies uploaded tonight.

Hey Bluefly, I ran out yesterday afternoon and the albies/tunny were crazy around Chas 60. Threw everything at them including small live sardines with no takers. Finally picked one up trolling a small gotcha lure. I’m thinking I need to bring out my flyrod - or shotgun! next time…I would love some pointers on flies. Feel free to pm me if you want. Thanks

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We also fished on Friday and on the way back got caught in harbor on one of the many storms and we also came across schools of tunny pretty much everywhere. We went up and down the channel and out to C60 and other reefs and we were prepared to bottom fish and troll a bit but did not have the right tackle to land the albies. We hooked 3 but all cut the lines - we had short leaders on light tackle on our non tollers/bottom rigs. All takers were on silver spoons. What is a good suggested tackle to cast and land tunny?

Great report. Thanks for posting. I’ve had albies hit both a Gotcha and a Clark Spoon but in the madness of the frenzy I feel like they would have hit anything.

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