Sunday...a little of everything plus a surprise

Wanted to get out early on Sunday to catch the falling tide. But, storm clouds just south of us kept me waiting. Finally cleared up and got out around 9:30. Fished the rest of the falling tide and the beginning of the incoming, Wadmallaw river and N. Edisto. Mostly clear and warm water around 84. Used live shrimp and mullet and some cut mullet on the bottom. Bonnethead and blacktip sharks, whiting, small trout and of course sting rays. But, the surprise was the first for me… 19" triple tail. Never caught one before and didn’t know what it was, so I let it go after grabbing a picture. Checked when I got home only to find out what it was and that it is great to eat!
Caught it on cut mullet in about 4 feet of fast moving water, near some oysters. Even jumped a couple of times during the retrieve.

Nice catch, never seen one caught inshore!

That’s pretty awesome. Too bad you didn’t get to appreciate all of its deliciousness.

Caught a few some years back fishing the grass bank on back side of Cape Island. Delicious.

Just talked to a buddy a Edisto. He said he was fishing the grass at high tide for bass when he saw a bunch of black looking figures come thru the grass and he cast a gold johnson spoon at them and caught a 7 # triple tail. Nice to know they are doing well and are inshore!

I saw three or four in the channel leaving st Helena. Early July. That might mean there is a good population in the sound. Might need to start taking some live shrimp.