Sunday afternoon in the harbor

Was cruising with the family yesterday afternoon and after taking a trip in/out of Shem, instead of taking the channel out around Crab bank and then back in towards the Ravenel, we went inbetween CB and Patriots Pt. Saw a few boats with poles but then when we got across there and towards the shipping channel, there was abut 7-9 boats all set up in a E-W line shrimping in 20+ feet of water.
I assume you can’t use bait when deep holing but are they seeing the shrimp on their sonar? Or is it a matter or hunting and throwing until you find a few?
Looked like they were throwing some pretty big nets.

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I saw all of them too. I’m pretty sure they were deep holing. All nets were big and taped edges. Don’t think you use bait… I tried to see if I could see them catching any…couldn’t really tell.

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They aren’t doing it for exercise.:smiley:Beats fighting for a spot at night.