Sunday Bass

Hey, I’ve been watching this forum for a few years and figured I’d finally jump in and post… went out Sunday and had a pretty decent day. Fished early morning and went back out in the afternoon in the crappy weather. One was caught on a rapala x-rap shad and all others were on a greenish/pinkish Fat Albert with a spinner attached w/ 1/8 oz jig head. pics below…

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those are gorgeous dark fish, thanks for posting.

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the spawn is in full swing in my neighborhood ponds

thanks man.

Pretty fish. Where were you, if you don’t mind saying?

A private pond in N Charleston that we are lucky enough to be allowed to fish… but I have been throwing a few cast on my lunch breaks in N Charleston at the end of greenridge rd. Have had lots a luck there with anywhere from 2-5lb large mouth and plenty of nice size crappie.