Sunday Drag Peelers

Went out early Sunday, found good sized mullets creek shrimp first thing. Eased into the mouth a big feeder creek and let some mullet soak while we worked shrimp under bobbers and on the bottom. Incoming produced nicely! She let me work the drag peelers while she worked the variety. Missed a few big bites not having the rod in our hands but we a blast just the same. All we lacked was a flounder for a super slam. She caught another tagged fish, too! Was very hot and no wind really so we packed up and were home by 11!

Nice looking Reds Stump. It was hot out but the fish were biting

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Very nice. I love when reds have that nice bronze coloration.

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Nice morning on the water!!:+1:

Nice work Stump!

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Sweet! Just a little breeze makes a huge difference.

Man, it looks like it took longer to upload all those beautiful pics than it did to land all those fish! Fine job

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I was surprised it let me upload pics to be honest:unamused:

Thanks y’all!

It only gets better from here til March… it’s go time:+1:

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