Sunday Drivin'

Needed some sunshine and a break from work and side work. No fush. Did find some of the biggest dam mud minnows Ive ever seen but only fished for maybe 10 min or 20 min tops. Was too hot to not be moving, and since we got a late start it was brutal. What a beautiful day it ended up being though aside from the heat… Water was up to the mid 80’s back in Goose Creek but 80 in the Cooper… good ole summertime… doesnt even start until next week…

Maybe I’ll catch some fish Friday ha

Never had a bad day on the water regardless of what I did. Being on the water is therapeutic.


Man, that 1st pic looks like it least cost $5.19 per gallon and from the landing to your location at least $55 one way…at least you were working on catching some good bait for next trip

Don’t tell everybody… but I was headed back to the super secret squirrel Hanahan Boat Club landing of which I aquired a key to last month(25 years later lol). But you’re right, it definitely cost… at least baits are ready for Friday though!

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That says it all.
Every morning when I get up go to work I’m thinking I don’t want to.
But hi ho hi ho off to work I go

Stump, you nailed my general feelings about work right now. Some days it is hard to get going.

no joke so hot to do anything on the water. nothing like sweating it out just to get it all ready and get it in the water lol

You got it made now,lots of good FW fishing round there too. I lived about a hundred yards from that landing years ago. I was thinking about getting a key but I’d have to go through a lot of traffic to get there.haha I still can’t believe the North Charleston fishing club shut down.You gonna be glad you got them mm ,fishing was rough for me with only artificials,with all the bait in the creek.

Nice pics, that mudder been much bigger you could have fried him up.