Sunday Early Morning Fun

Went chasing Jacks early Sunday. Found bait in the moonlight for later in the morning, then headed under the bridge and waited for some birds and some action, well they found us we didn’t have to find then. Ended up chasing a small school around for 15min or so until I got a bite and got a little guy back to the boat and that scattered the school I guess, never heard or saw em again after that. Then proceeded to locate some good trout with shrimp under a slip cork. Probably put 8 in the boat until my buddy got nice black drum ro end the day on. Back home by 10, beat the heat and the traffic!

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Thanks so much for the fine report and the great pictures. We here at Charleston Fishing really appreciate the work and time it takes to not only share your outdoor experience, but to also report and post with such fine pictures of your adventure. We want to acknowledge that reports like yours help keep the lights on.

I am moving this to preferred status on the Home Page right now, sorry it took so long, I’ve been doing some exterminating.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.


Haha, no need to fake/portray authority you don’t possess lil EF’er in an attempt to be popular… It was on the “preferred” status home page yesterday morning…


Those little jacks are fun