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I have been asked recently, by a friend of mine, if I would take a family member of his, who is terminally ill, offshore fishing for what may be his last time. I was honored to make the trip happen on Sunday, and could not have asked for better conditions. I made sure that I brought a couple of electric reels for the old-timers to reel up black sea bass and b- liners. To my amazement they managed a couple of large AJ’s, banded Rudder fish, pinks, triggers, and I even managed to catch a whopper of a king mackerel. I will have to admit Sunday was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever been on. I hope if I’m ever in the same position that someone will make sure that I can go fishing one more time.

On Monday we were greeted to one of the calmest oceans I have ever seen. There was scarcely a ripple coming across the harbor, and offshore was no different. We loaded up on live bait and headed to the ledge to hunt for scamps. The triggerfish had a different idea and decided to eat every single live bait we dropped. We did manage one nice yellow mouth grouper at around 15 pounds, the limit of B- liners, pinks, black sea bass, and plenty of triggers. Highlights of the day were a large queen trigger, a blue spotted Coronet, and running home WOT with two guys sitting on a cooler in the front of the boat. I did see Bonzo’s boat when we were heading out in the morning. Must be nice…



Way to go Paul. As usual, a class act. Congrats on finding the fish and a great haul, as well as giving someone a chance to have a memory like that!!

Sounds like a great weekend. After how alive the GTH was on Sunday it sure was killing me not not get out there on Monday; now doubly so to know that the oceans were perfect on Monday.

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There is nothing better than an act of kindness. You are one class act.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Nice ringtails Paul, haha!!! I just had to say it, I get so much crap about it but I love them. Nice trip though, I’ll be stopping by the store soon to bother you.

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Good for you Paul. Gotta get by your store sometime.


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Kudos to you for taking time with probably the type of guys that started us fishing. I have fished with Paul several times and he is one of the most unselfish considerate fisherman I know and very knowledgeable. When we met he didn’t know me from Adams house cat, but offered and has taught me more in several trips than I could have learned in several seasons. Just wanted to thank you for being a class act guy that you are. If anyone needs fresh seafood he also runs a first class fish market in Summerville.

Thanks guys, all I kept thinking was that I want someone to take me fishing when I get to that point. Ray, the blackfin were jumping all around the boat on monday. We need to make a combo trip, but the weather sucks until next week…plenty of time to tie about 100 bottom rigs!

Ricky, those ringtails were all sent home with the fellas, they know what good eats they are! they are porgies and eat the same as any other porgy.


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Well done Paul.

Good job, Paul.

You are first class all the way.

Semper fidelis.

awesome Paul…good karma and good times…

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