Sunday report

Fun day with a record crew of 13, glad we didn’t need to decide who was going to get in the 8 man life raft.

Went looking for the bills. Fished inside of 226 from 300-600. Saw a large billfish jump a few hundred yds ahead of the boat but the only thing we could tease yesterday was 10 or so mahi, one nice one, and two hoos.

Ocean was flat, great timing since I finally talked my wife into leaving the harbor. She pulled her first fish in…a 10lb mahi that fought like a 30 due to the entire weed line it had attached to it.

Tried fast trolling over the ledge, no takers.

Great day with good peeps.

Thanks again E. It was a good day to have some AC. Cookin up the wahoo tonight.

There are obviously several things you did wrong- 1) going on a day I couldn’t :angry:2) probably played the wrong music-too much bluegrass and reggae:8ball: 3) probably trolled too slow:wink: 3)Didn’t go to the flemish cap:smiley: 4) cleaned cockpit too often while on water:stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, glad you had a good day and that the wife liked it. That fresh hoo is good scheise. We need to put her on a sail. Swords soon.

Above post also keeps me ahead by one in number of posts.

We need to go try for our fist sword soon! Maybe next weekend?

Don’t knock my reggae Dr. Eurotech. Just because one of the teasers has mirrors does not mean we are at a club in Berlin!

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Sounds like you had a good day. Too bad I couldn’t make it… heading back from the left coast right now. Let’s try and get a sword next wknd.

did all 13 on board people have a fishing license?

curious minds would like to know…

Sounds good Daniel, we’ll get in touch next week. Maybe Greg will come and dive us up some good grub for dinner on the way out.

Hoppy, curiously everyone did have a license. That reminds me, we all need to get renewals this week. I got the form in the mail, but haven’t sent it in.

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Pretty worthless that the form arrives 1 week before your license expires, isn’t it? Nice set up!

Off to the tackle store …

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Viva-Mahia and Mack-Attack I & II
Take a Fish boating!

One can catch a lot in those clubs in Berlin. We need to try a teaser made of CDs and complete the club vibe. I think next week is a terrible time to go, but the week after looks fantastic. Should have a new license by then.

Originally posted by fisheye

Hoppy, curiously everyone did have a license.

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skinnee is smiling

■■■■, I can’t even get all 5 people on my boat to get a license…

Eric, I’m down…but I like some eurotech music from time to time.

Is that OK?