Sunday Sheeps!

Headed to the reef for a day of fun! Pretty epic day with a boat limit, and countless releases! Also got into the seabass really thick after we moved off our original anchoring spot. started getting crowded around 11 - 11:30 ish. I think there were over 20 boats at last count. What a great day on the water! The biggest fish being a little over 7 lbs

Well done on that trip and some good sized fish! I have always fished inshore for them during the summer. I know they move to the nearshore reefs during the winter but I have never tried it myself. I am sure you have to use a good bit of weight to keep it down there?

weight size varies depending on the moon, just like inshore fishing. typical 1-1 1/2 oz but with big moon tide, 2-3 oz worked fine. Just like anything, you gotta experiment! Go give it a try sometime! It is different fishing!

how deep of water will the sheeps be in this time of year?

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Looked like the Caison at R8 is the only number some folks have in their GPS. Talk about a crowded piece of structure. Nice work on the sheepies.

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Not familiar with “Caison at R8”. Is this reef known by another name or DNR’s “PA number” ?


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That’s some inshore green water! Nice haul

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I know a little bit about the inshore reef but I’ve never had any luck on catching a sheep head if you don’t mind me asking what kind of bait do you use???

Caison (32 44.422/079 34.545) is just one of the piece of sunk debris at Capers R-8 reef which has a depth listed as 20-45 feet

Thanks djhurayt


Polar 1910 BB 150 Johnson
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If you ain’t the lead dog then the scenery never changes

Capt Fritz, You can say that for sure! It was getting tight on that piece, that’s why we moved! I saw you. IDT we have actually meet, but have seen each other a time or 30!

any nearshore structure should hold them. Capers, 4KI, Edisto nearshore to name a few areas.

Fiddlers or live shrimp


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