Sunday Slam

My first slam of the fall! Caught em on everything! Even tried a couple homemade lures a friend in Monks Corner makes, and well they work too! Love this time of year when the bite turns on and the heat isnt too terrible!

and of course my buddy has to catch the big one! 33 1/8"

Also caught this guy, maybe someone can tell me what it is…

“you win some, you lose some…but nothing beats getting some!”

Thats a respectable slam right there! First trout is a good one…
Looks like a juvie cobia to me… Remoras look similar but have that big ol suction cup on their head… Cool catch

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Cobia for sure. Great catches.

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Thats wild! They must go through some serious changes in adolescent life cause I haver caught cobia off shore and they look nothing like that, you know with the stripes and all…

“you win some, you lose some…but nothing beats getting some!”

Lil cobia looks like y’all had a good day also

“Just one more cast”
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I still haven’t caught a slam.

That cobia is wild looking. DNR stocks them in a few rivers. I guess some of them make it after all.

Good job!

Semper Fi
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