Sunny Sunday

The better half and I got a lot done this weekend and were able to do the afternoon thing in Goose Creek yesterday. It was super hot and sunny, but we brought some backporch shade this time, lol, youll see. Fished the tannic muddy back waters with some cut mullet and she out fished me 4-3! All were 17-20" except one around 24 or so I lucked up and got out of the trees. Got out there right at low an when the water turned to come in, the action started. 89° bathwater of a creek too. Fished probably 3 hours and had to get outta that heat!



Looks like a fantastic day - thanks for sharing! The tail in the first pic looks like a rainbow.

I know that spot!

Great report as usual!

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Nice work! I remember when the heat wouldn’t bother me….those were the days for sure! Nice boat!

Sweet! My wife loves to go out on the boat but, fortunately for me, she doesn’t fish. I surely don’t need another family member out fishing me. A great way to spend the afternoon together for sure though.

Is there a no wake zone by Dominion Hills nowadays?

Unfortunately… and behind Tanner too… back when I had the StumpNocker, there was no such things

If you have any pedestal seats, you can use some pvc 90’s a t and make a holder for the umbrella.

some of these no wake zones are just ridiculous.

You got that right!

Hey, were you on the river Sunday afternoon? Happen to pass by me and the wife throwing the castnet in the creek? Saw a nice Robalo with a bushy headed youngin come by us while we were baiting up.

nah work been busy and weekends consumed by family things, haven’t had the boat out in a month now. going out tomorrow though, and then off to FL for some offshore charter fishing.

MAN, those Robalo boats look great, and my son has one he says is THE best boat he has owned, and he has owned several brands for offshore fishing. They have a hull design called Hydro lift that is similar to tunnel designs, makes the boats ride on top like a cat, rather than nose diving.

Unfortunately, he has to sell it, has it on Charleston craigslist now, 23 CC.

Looks like our fishing site FINALLY has new life, getting to be fun again.

I learned to offshore fish on my Uncle’s 80s something model 26’ Robalo. They are special to me and I love them. That old one was a tank and would run flat in the ocean, but put up so much spray you always had a wet wet right. Good times.

Yeah, the new( on the 2003, not sure when they came out) Hydra lift hull design with a small tunnel on the chine, takes almost total care of the spray, amazing ride!!!

ALSO very large boats for the sizes, with built in eqpt. to give more room on deck too. I have owned Gradys(3), and my son owned (1), we both agree the Robalo layout is far better, and NO WOOD in the hull since the 90’s I believe.