Sunrise Park fish kill

Went to Sunrise park on James Island and the pond was full of dead fish. Not a pleasant smell around there.

J-16 Carolina Skiff

The name was changed to Milton P. Demetre Park quite some time ago. Haven’t heard that name used in ages. What kind of fish did you see on the top…

Pond might have “turned” in all this hot weather. Basically oxygen depletion.

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Kebda got tired of y’all fishing in his spot…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

I saw that last night, lot of fish including some big bloated reds.

I wonder if DNR knows (or cares)?

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Pond by my house did the same thing. Several dead catfish and bass. Noticed it yesterday. Weird. I blame Hillary Clinton.

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Kebda got tired of y’all fishing in his spot…

The Morris Island Lighthouse


“mr keys”

What happens in a “Summer or winter” fish kill is the pond dissolved o2 levels will stratify. In our area mostly summer time the fish will stay in the water column with correct o2 levels. Then a large storm with heavy rain and wind will hit and “flip” the pond and o2 levels will mix quickly before fish can react causing a o2 depletion and temp change. You don’t see it as much in a tidal area where the water has constant movement. A good bottom or top water aerator “depending on depth” will prevent this from occurring. This is of course is a very simplistic explanation and Just my $.02 however I do have 27 years of experience in pond Mgt.