Super Slam Saturday

Went out early Saturday with a friend in his Carolina Skiff to do some top water. Must have casted 300+ times each and not a blow up. So after about 2 hours and no action ), the tide turned and we switched gears and went bottom bumping. Everything got eaten, mullet(live and cut), shrimp, minnows, pin fish, I mean everything. Ended up with a few decent takers before we called it a day around 1. This time, I did the outfishing!:sunglasses:

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Nice day and report man!

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Sounds like you had a good day and good variety. The other day I threw topwaters for an hr at a rocky point where bait was getting ambushed. I must of cast at 100 blow ups and I got three blow ups. One at the bait getting busted and 2 right as I stopped the lure to pick it up to recast. Top water is tuff.