Suzuki 40 vs. Yamaha 75 vs. Yamaha 70

The Suzuki is a 2007 with 500+ hours (4 stroke)
The Yamaha 75 is a 1998 with average hours (2)
The Yamaha 70 is a 2004 with average hours (2)

Which is the best? Which is cheaper to fix in the long run, etc…

16 CC Scout

Is it going on your Scout? If so, I’d go with the newer Yammaha because the Suzuki will be underpowered for that boat. I prefer 4-strokes in larger engines and 2-strokes for 115 HP and less. A 70 Yammi is a great motor and the HP to Weight ratio is better than the Suzuki. I also feel smaller two strokes are easier and cheaper to work on.

Can’t speak for the other two but my 2003 70 Yammy has been great. The only problem I have ever had was fuel related, not engine.

Originally posted by DFreedom

The only problem I have ever had was fuel related, not engine.

Every 3-cylinder Yamaha that I or one of my friends have owned did also.:wink:

70 yamaha

Is that 40 Suzuki expensive to repair, etc…?

16 CC Scout

What type of repairs?

That 70 Yamaha wont need repairs if you halfazz maintain it and run the heck out of it… its a great motor!

the 04 70 sounds like the best bet, make sure you look at the trim motor, they are notorious for rusting out on any of Japanese motors and can get expensive. Do your self a favor, have a qualified mechanic check it out, when he’s done(and it checks out), go ahead and have him service the engine, put a water pump in it, go thru the carbs, tune it up and you’ll be ready for the water