Swamp fishing still going strong

cricket laced beetle spin White with a red dot.

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Hopefully a little cooler in the shade of the swamp. Nice haul!

Yes sir, water and gatorade on these hot days. Swamp fishing has been better this year than in a long time.

That looks so peaceful and relaxing.

can’t promise a good catch, but I’m getting another little John boat. One I can beach on oyster banks or jump logs. Give me a couple more years of the grind and you are welcome to come with me anywhere I go. Promise to be quiet. If you want…

a couple of those look big enough to fillet. Still catching them? Do you have to use the cricket or still have luck with just the beetle spin?

No nightcrawlers? Those small bream make good bait for Largemouth on a cork, see any bass or cats in there?

Too much govt. involvement for me in main stream media, my posts are too risky and volatile for that, lol.