Sweet and spicy Redfish tacos Jamaica style


I looked a couple of years back to see if anyone had posted a fish taco recipe and didn’t see one.

Out of all those fish my wife and I caught last Sunday, only one was a slot. At 16 inches it fed us both

If you like fish tacos Caribbean style, you’ll love these.

I love cooking and would love to see this part of the forum crank up with some great recipes.

Today is the first day of oyster fishing and my mouths been watering for a week thinking about it.

Does anyone have one of those Bulls Bay OYRO oyster roasters?

Anyway, if you want a healthy Alternative to Fried fish tacos, give this a go. It’s the best way to have that crunch without the fried fish.

Kerry Browning

If you want a simple seasoning for anything really put the fillets in a bag with a glut of olive oil and some adobo powdered seasoning it works wonders on wings too

I’ll give that a try next. My brother used adobo a lot Came across it living in California.

good video.Got to love it.
We hardly fry anything around our house.
Would definitely like to see a lot more posts on this thread.
I watched the food Network and the cooking channel a lot.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

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I think if admin ever gets this sight back where we all can post at will, things could get better. For me posting a new topic is hit and miss… Mostly miss. Type out a post only to be unable to post it. Frustrating…

I know a lot of people are not Tilapia fans, me included. The wife brought home a couple of thick tilapia fillets last week end from Bi Lo, I put them in an aluminum boat with lots of butter, a little garlic salt and some lemon herb old bay. I let them sit in the smoke box while coals were getting ready for the steaks. Maybe smoked for 20 min. Put over coals until butter had all but sizzled away. Fillets firm and very tasty. I believe they would have made great stock for tacos if we wouldn’t have eaten em all.

I think Tilapia is kind of like cooking chili with Venison. You just don’t tell some what it is. :smiley: I would have liked the tilapia much better if I didn’t know that’s what it was.

Fred. What I do is I just put in the caption. Then in the body I just put a couple words and see if it will post. That way I don’t waste all my time typing. I am a sucky typer.

Several years ago one of my coworkers was telling me about cooking tilapia for dinner. The night before I watched dirtiest jobs. Mike was working at a striper farm out in the desert. After they remove the stripers from the tank they put tilapias in to clean the tanks -eat all the poop. Haha he said he would never eat a (**() tilapia again.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Hahaha. I’ve seen that “Dirtiest Jobs” episode.
I’ve still eaten it. My mom made some and I would never have ruined it for her.

We had fish and chips last night. I gotta have it fried at least every third time. I caught two redfish Friday and man were they good. First time using House Autry. Very good!