T Bones & Porterhouse On Sale

Harris Teeter has them for $9.99/lb.

As fate would have it, tonight is steak night.

Big ballgame tonight at 7:30. Seems appropriate .


Let’s go


Food Lion has butts for .99 cents per pound

Gonna smoke a few this weekend, probably while Im cooking the butts, lol

I kid, I kid

E-vic HT also has $.99/lb butts

And this week it’s $9.99 strip steaks

coke and pepsi products and almost every brand of chips are buy 2, get 3 free

$3 red baron frozen pizzas

$17 cases of miller, bud, coors and yuengling

Go stock up!

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Good looking out. Thx for the heads up on these deals!!

There was a limit of 2 at Food Lion, so I went by the

No limit and their Boston butts were Smithfield brand.

I got 3 more, hey who doesn’t like a smoked ham on the 4th, right?

Well done! I’ve never seen any brand but Smithfield on the $.99 sale at teeter.

The most recent pork belly from Costco was also Smithfield, and for the first time the skin was still on, cost me 1.5lbs of waste on the 10# deal, I’ll look closer next time