Tackle shop and Help near SeaBrook Island

I am heading to Sea Brook island next week and would like to get some fishing in.

Is there a local tackle shop i can stop in and get some lures or bait?

Any tips on what to bring or where to try?



You should be able to find frozen bait and basic terminal tackle at Bohicket Marina. Maybe they have more now, I’m not sure. I think Toby’s closed on Johns Island and i can’t think of another tackle shop there.

Leaving the island your closest full service tackle shop is probably Haddrell’s Point Tackle or Charleston Angler in West Ashley, depending on which way you go and what your looking for.

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…the harbor was slick as an eel pecker.

Bohicket Marina for frozen bait. Seacoast Sports in Freshfields has a small selection of the basics.

Thanks guys!

What should I be using for bait… Looking for action mostly, but edibles are cool too!

If you are doing inshore, and buying frozen or artificials, get some frozen finger mullet. Frozen shrimp can also work but honestly not as effectively as good soft plastic artificials. But shrimp is good for general whiting, croaker, etc.

If they have live bait, get some live shrimp or live mud minnows, just keep in mind the shrimp die very easily.

For soft plastics, anything like Z-man paddle tails, GULP! curly tail grubs, and such on a 1/4 or 1/8 ounce jig head can do well.

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If you go out that way via Maybank Highway it will be easy to stop in Hadrells Pt. It’s behind Earth Fare grocery. They’ll have everything you need including live bait and great advice.

Thanks again all!f

Hello -
My parents live on Seabrook and my son and I have fished in and around the area a lot. What are your plans? Fishing from the beach? Kayak? Boat? I can make some suggestions if you let me know what you’ve got planned.

The house has a kayak and I have a car.

I brought 3 spinning rods, light 6 foot, a medium 7’6" and a medium heavy 9 footer.

I brought tons of sluggos and soft plastics from 3 to 9 inches and a bunch of spooks and poppers.

Thanks for the help in advance!


Thanks for the details. The kayak opens up a lot of good options.

Disclaimer: By no means do I consider myself or my son to be experts - there are a lot of guys on the site here that know a lot more than we ever will…

Fishing in the creeks around Seabrook we have had the best luck with three things:

  1. a chunk of cut mullet on a Carolina rig. This seems to work well near some of the rock walls you will find in the creeks.
  2. pearl white Gulp swimming minnows (the ones with the curly tails) rigged on an unpainted jig head
  3. half a frozen shrimp on an unpainted jig head
    We will often have two rods rigged. One with the Carolina rig and the other with the jig head. The Carolina rig can soak while you work the one with the gulp minnow. If you cant find the minnows, then a gulp shrimp will work too.
    The bait shop at Bohicket has the shrimp and mullet. I’m not sure about the gulp. If he doesn’t have it then a trip into town to HP will hook you up.
    You can launch at the ramp near the crab dock. If you head left, you are heading to the ocean. Head right to go further up the creek.
    Good luck. I love fishing there.

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Sorry to derail your thread, good luck with the fish.

Hahaha good read, only read a few so far, but will keep me busy on a rainy day

Thanks for all the tips guys… I will give it a go and post some pics of the fish…i hope!