tailers south of charleston

Met up with Cut this morning, ended up fishing a flat we’ve never fished before…about a foot of water and tailers everywhere. Three on the fly, one at 30" and two around 25" Later on we moved to another spot and had a ball catching a doz or so(between the two of us) sloties using live shrimp.


Here is pic of my campsite, that flooded 3 times… I finally just moved to higher ground. I also found one of James yaks… :slight_smile: Bill must have washed it up to Edisto??:slight_smile: Good job landing that thing, Mud.
Too many fish to count between the morning and afternoon. Great day!

Glad you had a good day of fishing guys, sorry I could not make it. Although looking at the pics from the camp site it may have been a good thing.

Gee thanks for landing my wayward Yak Mud, think you could drop it by the house sometime. Been wondering what happened to it.

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Wish I could James, It was Cut that found it and I believe he used it as an anchor for his camper.