Take a guess where I am

Guess where I am?

Hint: not South Carolina

Well it ain’t New York City…is it?

Are there any iguanas around?

Amelia Island is my guess

Getting closer…

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St Simon’s looking for Golf ball you hit over the house was my guess from the first picture😉

Oh Katie and I love St Simon

A key, or cay south of boca

Final hint: on the Gulf

You only get two guesses,

Im out

Port St Joe

That was fun. But im exhausted. Doing some scallop diving in Stienhatchee, Florida. Swimming all day but going to eat good tonight

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Aw man, its scallop season. Have a buddy with a place in Crystal River. He turned us on to scalloping a few years ago. Oh what fun and Mmmmmmm. Do you use a Shop Vac to clean them? So easy.

I thought scallops came from the fins of skates cutout with 3/4 pipe!!! You need to post more often @StumpNocker lol

Urban myth. I tried and no way do they taste like scollops. Besides those beautiful ones that stump has will only have a chunk of meat the size of your thumb nail. Delicious! Dad used to fish near there in the fall for king mackerel. I think he got some Pompano in that area as well.

Been reading Sea Hag’s reports for a long time- that place sounds cool AF.

Buddy is doing crystal river in a few weeks, we hope to plan a scallop trip for next year. I’ll be PMing you for some insight, Stump.

Live it up man, the bathroom will be there when you get back haha

You’d be surprised Fred. Some of the scallops we “caught” had meat in them the size of a quarter. We ate some raw on the boat and they were sweet. We limited out every day we were there. Almost got sick (almost) of scallops. It is really fun watching them jet away from you as you reach out for them.

Yes sir, it used to make me laugh watching them “jet” away. I used to take a few of the shells and put them in a bucket with a Clorox solution and then after cleaning them off put a little baby oil on them. Dad would drill holes in the shell and I would line them on fishing string and make me some necklaces. When I head over to mom’s I’m gonna ask her if she still has any left. She had a ton of shells, dried out seahorses, star fish, and such. I think most have been given away to all the Grands. Quarter size bay scallops are some nice ones!!

It was like they knew me…