Tandem Trailer Wheel Alignment??

Not exactly a striper fishing topic…but I was curious if anyone in the Columbia area has ever had to get the wheels on their boat trailer aligned? If so, I would be curious to where you took the trailer and if they did a good job.

I just had to replace my right rear tire on my boat trailer because it was wearing unevenly and was almost bald on the outside edge. Put a straight edge against the tires and the right rear is turned in about 1". The tires on the left side of the trailer appear to be aligned. All the other tires are wearing fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Reel Quiet, have you checked just that one rim:question: Jack it up and spin it and see if you have a bend or wobble in it. Most times your not going to bend an axel on one end that much without moving the whole thing. With a straight axel if one end out of alignment the other end will be also, unless its bent. I’d check that one rim!

It’s not like a car where they can align them. If it is wearing like that something is bent and needs replaced. If the outside edge is worn evenly around the entire tire it’s probably not the rim but the axle. Carolina wheel and rim sells a kit with everything included, you just bolt it on. Northern tool sells them too, but I like Carolina W&R because they use Temko Bearings. You can take it to Wesco Trailers, I think they will fix it for you.

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x2 on the axle. Sounds like the trailer has been overloaded or you hit a bad bump with the boat loaded down and the axle is now bent creating camber in your wheel causing the excessive wearing the outside tread of the tire. Or it could be improper air pressure which would be my first option to fix.

Thanks to all for the responses. I’ve checked the rim and its good. All the tires/rims were balanced 2 years ago when purchased. Air pressure is correct (48-50 psi) New tire (replaced 2 weeks ago) is starting to wear already. Bearings are in good shape, no play. You can definitely tell the tire is turned in.

I am thinking I probably ran off the road with it one day, considering it is the back right tire/axle. Considering contacting Wesco trailers and see if they have any advice.

If you Google the topic, you can find several discussions about it. From reading online, the shop puts the trailer on an alignment machine and then starts bending to get everything aligned.

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I also have the tire wear problem on my trailer. Getting ready to replace both tires but wondered if I can jack it up while boat is on trailer without doing damage to axle??

agent; sure you can. you have to jack it up on the side of the road when you have a flat. no big deal. i jack mine up to regrease hubs.