Tarpon 140 (2011 model) front Hatch leaks Water

besides fishing from my Kayak, there’s about 15 of us that also Kayak camp. we go anywhere’s from Va, down to FL for our camping trips. Last time out to Capers Island (it wasn’t rough out calm seas) I had about a gallon of water inside my boat. Long story short I got hold of the WS rep and he sent me a new hatch over. installed it and she still leaks. If anyone else has had this issue with the new style hatch covers and you fixed the issue can you pass along the fix please. All my gear is in dry bags when camping but it’s still a ban in the back side to have to drain water out of the boat. thanks.

The Orbix hatches aren’t water tight. Put anything you care about in a dry bag, but you knew that already…
You can REDUCE the amount of water that comes in by replacing the square gasket with a gasket made from caulking backer rod. It’s a round stick of closed cell foam that’s available at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
Always be sure the latches on the Orbix hatch are fully secure. I’ve caught myself paddling with them unlatched before.
Also be sure to check the other water entry points for leaks. Rod holders will put a lot of water in your boat if the red caps have come off. Check your drain plug to be sure it’s tight.

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Too busy thanks for the reply. i’ll have to look for that foam and cut me a new gasket. i’ve check all the entry points. my drain plug is safety wired up to the rudder brackets and thats the first thing i check before i put the boat in the water. i’ll check the red caps on the rod holders tomorrow and stop by my local lowes for the foam thanks again.




I wonder why they don’t make the hatches waterproof? Certainly they have that capability? I have noticed a small amount of water getting into the hull of my Ride 135 after a day on the water. Not sure where it is coming from but it annoys me.

The easy access hatches are manufactured by Orbix. The marketing group feels that the average consumer wants easier access. Lots of people didn’t like how difficult it could be to refit a mushroom cover. It’s the recreational lineup that got the easy access hatches. The performance boats still use mushroom covers.

The fishing team is pushing pretty hard to get waterproof hatches on fishing boats. The capital investment for two different molds for the same model is a major stumbling block.

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it always comes down to the money…

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Orbix can’t make a hatch that is water-tight? I realize I am not an engineer but, it seems to me a better fitting gasket or tighter cam locks would do the trick. What do I know though…my wife says not much. I never count on stuff staying dry in the hull but, it would be nice if it were more water tight.

Reminded me of a saying used to use regarding kayak hatches. “They won’t leak enough to effect the performance of the boat”

You see what I just did there?:slight_smile:

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I like that Russ. Seems like I heard it on a team conference call a while back.

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Not sure why they dont use a gasket that is complete versus having it cut. Make it all one piece and it makes it less of a chance to leak. plus the hatch cover warps… might be time for some clear RTV silicon after the new gasket and hatch cover is installed.