Tarpon in a Cast net??

Anyone ever catch one? Went to a spot to catch bait this morning and brought this guy in. This is the 2nd one I have caught in a cast net, just thought I would share because I have never heard of it before. Location is “close to the Harbor.”

nice .


that’s a bigun. salt pond, by chance?

got this one in a little creek about 3 weeks ago

I think I recognize the pier…

And I wouldn’t be all that surprised, but that’s a very cool catch, especially something that big lol.

If you were at the same place I was, I’ve caught lookdowns there before.

Barbawang, you must know the spot

Pier looks familiar… were you in a pond? Dang it would ne so awesome if we had an inshore fishery for those 20-30lb tarpon? Hookin up on one while resfishin or throwing at them on the flats!

Hunter P. Hames
11’ Tarpon 100
19’ Sea Fox 125 merc

bet you were excited when he blew up in the cast net!

that was actually a complete guess… based on the theory that the little guys don’t overwinter here very well unless they’re in some kind of insulated system. have heard tales of 12lb snook in impoundments here too.

hunter, the biggest “little” tarpon i’ve seen in SC were about 10-15lbs. muddy bay in winyah of all places, so that kind of shoots a hole in the above theory! go get 'em!

I was excited, but would have liked to see what a small one would do on a rod. And yes Yak, it was a pond and it would be awesome to catch some a little bigger on some light tackle. Tarpon in a pond, wouldn’t have to worry about them spooling you. Next time I drive by there I will see people fishing for some Tarpon…lol!

I’d fish in there too for tarpon if I knew it!

Hunter P. Hames
11’ Tarpon 100
19’ Sea Fox 125 merc

We caught 4 in a cast-net last weekend - biggest was 15" - don’t know how to post pics