Tax and tags

Got tags on my bike this afternoon. Left out of there over $800 lighter in the wallet.
First thing that really griped my butt. You go to the auditor’s office for your property tax. Then they send you down the hallway to the treasurer to pay the tax. Such government inefficiency. so wasteful. Including my time to have to wait in line twice.
Then when you go get your tag they hit you with the sales tax.
Didn’t realize it is now $500 Max. And then to take the cake they have a sign up. No change. Then they charge you $3 to use your debit card and 3%, if it’s credit
Yet they got to raise our gas taxes. unbelievable.
Might even accidentally put the wrong price of the bike.

Went through the same thing last month when we bought a new used car. The government is going to bleed the working man dry to pay for all the free shite they give away. All these dang “property” taxes, WHEN do you ever own something and not have to pay someone something for it?

Since property owners pay for so much, maybe only property owners should get to vote.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?