Tea-colored creek

Fished this AM for the first time since the heavy rains Sunday. Runoff vs incoming tide resulted in dark brown detente, rising slack tide for several hours. Shrimp were gone (salinity too low?), less bait on the surface. Managed to get some finger mullet cast netting off a sand(mud) bar.
Caught this copper-colored beauty. Amazing that its color had deepened so much in a few days of darker water.


Skiiiiiinnnnnnyyyy fish…

I guess upper Wando

Summer fish. A but skinny but I love that copper color.

High protein/low carb diet


Nice! They get that beautiful Bronze coming out of the upper Ashypoo and Combahee. My in laws down in beaufort are catching a few off the dock along with some nice crab. Shrimp are still small but starting to show up.

Nice Looking Red

In the Stono last night casting up near the grass I saw plenty of spooky shrimp and mullet. Menhadden are around too but between 8-10’ it seemed like.

I need to catch me a drag peeler soon… very nice!

This was Stienhatchee, Fl. Last week.


Coulda been the creek here.

I just got back from Weeki Wachee. The water was the same color outside the river. The river itself was crystal clear.

Well after tournament is over, and rain has past…Shark Week-end 2023 bought to make some reels go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Will send you a video and all you have to do is close your eyes just listen! Or hook a line to the better half’s car when she leaves the house…little more realistic :grinning:

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Dodged the rain and fished late AM. Shrimp are back, water’s still brown. And full of debris.

This fella found his way onto my hook along with some little reds.


Monster trout in Steinhstchee, cut my teeth down there. Raised in south GA. Have several uncles with homes there!!

Yea Ive been seeing the pictures at Sea Hag fpr the last 3 years… only fished down there once last year and goose egged that half day. We’re there for the scallop snorkeling… Thats my excuse anyway ha