Thanks to Chris V and Pioneer Boats

I had a problem with an undersized prop which was installed by a local dealer that no longer exists, and an issue with air in my fuel system. Called Pioneer rep told them what was going on and they hooked me up. I gotta say it’s that kind of service that will make me suggest pioneer every time someone asks. Also all you charleston peeps that need a suzuki/yamaha tech Charleston Marine on Dorchester road is the place to go for quality service. I won’t say it’s quick unless you just need Preventative Maint. However they are good people, with great patients (I was a little worried about my boat and they put up with my impatient’s very well)!

yes those Pioneer guys will fix you up

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I stopped by the Pioneer place several weeks ago in Walterboro, looking for a status on their 220 SportFish. They tell me it’s going to be at the Charleston Boat Show.

The hull was in the mold that has an awesome look. They are laying out the deck and putting on the final touches. I would not be surprised if they have not already glassed the deck/cap.

I can’t wait to see this boat.

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Sorry the 22 SF was > 2 yrs rumor to production. I waited about 16 months to see if I could have gotten one in late 08 or 2009. Just bought a “22” from another company- didn’t want to go into a third season with a boat upgrade from my 18 footer. I imagine it’ll be a great boat! Look forward to seeing one on the water!

I own a 2006 197 Sportfish and is no doubt the best boat I have ever owned. Seaworthy, solid, fishable, grandkidable, awesome fuel mileage, easy to load and unload by myself, great livewell, responsive, great inshore and have had it out to reefs 25 miles off the beach of Hilton Head. Maybe thats why SCDNR is buying them.

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what was the problem with the air in the fuel system. I have a 197 and have the same isssue. The solution you received would help me out big time. Thanks and yes Chris V is the man!