Thanksgiving Bounty

So low tide was at 9:31 am on Thanksgiving morning so I thought I’d try my new fishing gig. Pushed off from the landing at 9:30, rode about a mile and started scoping the bank for nice clusters. They were everywhere as usual. The water was high enough that I just stepped off my boat into the blades. No mud, no mess! Took about 10 minutes and I had a bushell and a half of what turned out to be on par with the best oysters I’ve had; next to free and none fresher. I steamed up a batch and pigged out while I prepped the rest for my contibution to TG Dinner. Warm smoked oysters under melted colby jack cheese in muffin tins. They were a big hit! Thanks again Mo Nature!

Soooo…didnt you at least sample a few for brunch along the bank??? ;). Mmmmmm

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16

You know it! Was actually quite nice out on the water. Only saw one other boat and he was headed right for me from a long way off. I was sure it was DNR, but it was another recreational oysterman. Good idea dude!

“Junk always sounds best.”