The deer before the storm

Right at dark dark. Took us two hours to find him and then had to haul him through the thickest brush I’ve ever had to haul through. Sheesh. We debated going and hooking up the bush hog and just muscling our way through the thick stuff. Time for some rest. Had to call in the dog to track him down.

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Very nice. My wife says come get some of the does out of our neighborhood.

Good job! Did he at least give you a good blood trail to follow?

Blood trail was good. It was just so thick and nasty and full of stickers that you couldn’t walk through it. And smart buck, he circled a few times and ended up about 150 yards away. Finding him was the easy part. Dragging him out was a job! Didn’t get him to the processor until midnight.

It’s amazing how much they can bleed and still keep going.

You are not kidding. My most impressive was an old 4 point. 30-06 220 grain blew out heart, and both front shoulders… pouring blood for 70 yards then went another 40 yards. Incredible will to survive.

I’m guessing 160 ish? that one I sent you went 203.

You gonna mount it?

I don’t think so. Most deer I kill like this are between 130-140. Biggest deer i ever killed off my place was pushing 170 and that was a big 6point last season.