The dreaded SKUNK

Fished the outgoing tide this morning from abbapoola creek to bass creek down into kiawah. And Nothing! Fished every soft bait and color I had. Wind was whippin pretty hard. First time Ive been able to take the boat out in awhile. Depressing!

I feel ur pain friend… Wind has made fishing pretty crappy lately! Fish On!

Been there done that brother. At least you made the effort. I think my gear is dry-rotting. I haven’t seen real water in weeks.

THE original fishwhistle never ever skunked.

But thanks for the report. I ll shad fish this weekend

haha there is an “original” fish whistle? Yeah I know the wind was bad, but Im wondering if no trolling/poling platform (ways to move silently) is causing me to spook fish. I have some great spots from land and kayak, but ever since I got this boat Im having trouble putting fish on it. Is it cursed?

I’m pretty sure Jim and I got skunked before, but you’re right, it didn’t happen often! Keep at it Fish whistle-it’s a lot easier to find schooled up fish when the wind isn’t honking.

Remember guys sharing is caring haha