The fish are biting great

I went big bass fishing today close to the stono bridge in the stono river and caught 3 stingry 2 whiting a croaker and about 10 silver perch on the bait rod on tiny creek shrimp. I used the silver perch to catch the big boys or tried to catch them. I went 0/8 the worst good day I’ve ever had most of the perch where about 6inchs long and fished them live on a circle hook hooked through the mouth with a one ounce weight that slides to give it no resistance. Every time I would get popped of after a short “<5mins” but intense fight. Once was my fault I didn’t check my main drag and it got me around a poll, another time I hooked a monster on my bait rod which is a 7ft ultralight with a 500 series reel and got freight trained and it took over 75yds of line(almost spooled me) before tiring enough to turn it and then it doubled back and got me on the same poll and I tried to free it by following it but it didn’t work and I got popped off. The other six cut me of on debris and oysters, but one may have straight up popped my line which is 40 or 50#pp. So I got destroyed by nats, my rod bent, drag peeled, boat pulled, popped off and extremely frustrated several times and I nearly left the third time I got broke off but stuck it out thinking I will land one but had to go home defeated after 8 times in a row. Its been a long time since I felt like throwing my rod in the water or taking it over the knee but got to remember the feeling today. All eight fish where for sure over 30 inches and probably a couple where in the 40s. I fished from 10:45am till 2:15pm and the hot bite was at the start of incoming to about mid tide so like 11:15ish till 1:30, but around 12:00 was the best action.

Biting for me too today, missed a lot though

40 I’m going to try them tomorrow, maybe I can get revenge for you. I beat a 40 plus off with the net at the jetties last Friday, right at the boat. I feel your frustration. They are here if we can just quit messin around. lol

2005 Sea Hunt 212 Triton
“Head East”