The grass saved our ass

Not first this time but second . Awesome tournament agin with the best competition from La to sc . Ended day one with a solid 10 pounds with three fish and 5th place . Day 2 the wind switched to a ripping NE with another half a foot negative tide and the muddiest water I ever seen . We ran south from waters edge the blast off location and found them happy up in the grass . I ended up catching 2 nice line painters at 7.5 pound to give us a total 17.5 that moved us into second for good . Congrats Ben alderman and Mikey they had some beautiful slot ties and a hard earned victory . Hope y’all had a great weekend besides the bot traffic lol jeeeeeeeeebus


Fantastic! I knew you when you weren’t famous!!

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Lol you fish

thats awesome

I’m so Charleston my boat has barnacles…

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Better it’s your boat…

Nice job in the tournament!!!

Hey congrats again on a strong finish. Well done!

Happy to see my boy Mikey getting the first-place spot, he definitely earned it. That dude fishes more than most guides in town, and is a good guy too.

Thanks for sharing the results on here. Also, thanks for bringing some more fishing content to the sight as well. :+1: :muscle:

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Awesome, congratulations.

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Yo who is this . I am still trying to figure this thing out

Not sure we’ve been introduced. Allow me.

The name is Matt Acree, rhymes with bakery. Im a local Hanahan Native. If you see me out and about, or even on the river, feel free to shout hello or even put a handshake on me, I’m liable to do the very same!

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I’m flummoxed. Happy about y’all’s finish. But I’ve never seen you type lucid sentences with punctuation. Did you Quit the fishwhustle, what gives?