The Ledge Report

Caught that little window just right and ran to ledge yesterday.
Kids had a blast. Water temp about 71 69 at comanch. A few Mingos, “silver snapper” galore about a dozen nice triggers.
released a few grouper - Good luck to them Shark week was on so none of the big fish made it off the bottom except a couple ajs. The bull sharks are obviously well trained to follow you around and are their usual nasty selves. Hand fed bait to a curious remora that actually stuck his head out of the water begging for squid like an otter. That freaked me out a little. Saw a few albatross and 3 turtles that was cool.
No GW’s this time thankfully.
cudas, cobia all the usual suspects - lots of blackfin around hooked a couple but fed the sharks again. If you can get out there to bottom fish bring some heavier tackle, high gear ratios and lift weights starting last year. That’s my advice for beating the taxman to the fishbox.

Mr Sharpnose Shark usually gives us the most trouble. Congrats on getting out there.

Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha 250