The old man and the sea. Catfish version.

Well ive never really been into catching cats on the rod and reel. Ive always just caught them on the bush hook if I wanted some from the pan. But during the shellcraker season at the lake last april the weather was so miserable that it drove them off the beds. So with no crackers me and pops got us a catfishing guide. Let me tell you after my first fight with one of those blues I was hooked. And so began my weekend obsession with catfish. Ive been all over the state from loading the coolers with blues in santee to having the flatheads bust my cooler in pee dee. But simple overall weight quit being enough to feed my fix. So i began targeting the monsters. The 50 plus league. And let me tell you thats a long dark lonely journey. After weeks of failure I decided to try black river up next the coast. Surely theres still a monster left there. So about 12 this morning I find a spot about 25 foot right next the bank with the current rolling into the trees. Looked like a good spot so I threw my rather perky bream up beside the bank 10 foot from the lend over limbs. As I was dozing off the drag began pilling and I grab the rod. And so began the 30 min battle. Ive caught 40lb rays off this equipment in 15. I never really gained any line he just keep to the the bottom and ripped drag every now and again. So like I was saying 30 mins into really gets the arms burning. So like a dumby I decide to tightin the drag and end the fight… stupid stupid stupid. … needless to say the hook pulled and I died a little inside. I have no idea the weight of this fish but ive been hooked into some large ones before. But ive never had something that powerful on the other end. I have been defeated.

The fish won that time,but never say never,it will become more of an obsession to go back and try for that one again.I fished Busy park for years about 20 but had an on going battle for about 3 years in a particular spot with a big blue cat, had it to the boat and went right through the bottom of my net,“at least I saw the thing”. Now grated it probably wasn’t the same fish but it became a regular stop every time if the tide was right when passing. My fishing patrners never new but they were content to stop just ONE MORE TIME!!! Best of luck and keep up the fight.

I’ve had this happen twice. Last summer at Bushy Park (close to the ramp) I snagged something with trout jig on 10 pound line, and it towed me out of 3 foot deep water very slowly into 12ft water and just camped out, and then would move over to another spot, then another spot. No hurry, no anger. Just weight, and slow towing against the current. It was likely either a huge ray or a small/medium gator.

Had something else smoke my old surf rod in Folly. This fish was hauling tail and my drag simply could not keep up, I never stood a chance with 20# line.

… The Cross of Christ is the anvil upon which the hammer of evil wore itself out.

Im about 99% sure it was a flat head. From my experience a blue normaly takes longer runs. This fish kinda keep to the bottom.

You sure it wasn’t a Gator?

To tell you the gods honest truth it felt like a ray. But it’s hard to believe theres one all the way at Brown’s ferry. The only logical thing I can think of is a flat head.

If it felt like it was swimming in a circle beneath you - Flathead