the one that got away but ended up in the cooler

these fish never cease to amaze me

Looks like he’s been in the war of the sea’s

Osprey attack?

Redfish Baron Extraordinaire

if that’s a gig hole, its a sh*tty shot. sellsfish would not approve. of either stab

“I am not involved in this thread, only helping Fred understand who he is dealing with.”

I stuck one a while back and he come off,rookie mistake…
Stuck em again about 50 yards up the bank…

I put the gig prongs right back in the same holes…

Think I would have gave him one more life back for being that unlucky in life. Thats like getting hit by lighting 3 times.

Reminds me of once I was driving through Kingston, NC and a truck hauling hogs overturned! Seems the truck was going to Smithfield and turned over and most of the hogs got thrown through the roof of the trailer! When I got there they had the live ones all corralled in the grass in the divided Hwy! They were waiting for another truck so they could send the survivors on their way! I thought, man that’s a bad day when you start out surviving a truck crash and they still kill you[:0]

yea i do have rookies out most of the time… but the fish ended up in the boat! Oops have you seen the video clip of the guy that got hit twice and walked off? Easy sounds like you coulda loaded up on bacon LOL