The Pig's big BOGO sale

The Pig has over 60 items buy one get one free this week…everything from Blue Bell ice cream to Suncrest Farms country ham slices…I had this country ham one time and it sucked the water out of my glass…salty goodness!
ribeyes, pork ribs, Naturally Fresh dressings (their blue cheese is one of the best), Mrs Mac’s fried chicken…all BOGO!

The Morris Island Lighthouse

I am all over this one. Hello BOGO country ribs.

barbawang now has a reason to scroll down to the non-fishing stuff!

pretty sure the pig always has Mrs Mac’s as BOGO on fridays- 16 legs and thighs for $7! makes it affordable to tell the captain you’ll bring saturday boat chicken!

oh yeah, those ribeyes looked awesome for the price on friday.