The skinnee for 03-31-2009 (Shakedown 2009)

Pretty slow for us today. Me, Edisto Fisher, greg8675309, Circle Hook. Had Eyeball back out at the last minute after he saw heavy winds on the forecast for midnight.

3 dolphin, 2 blackfin. Missed our shot at a wahoo. Screamed out some drag a few times and then spit the hook. Oh well, probably better off that way since the leader was about cut through. Probably would have lost him anyway.

beats work,

how was the ocean?

still had to be a great day, it was spent on the ocean and not here on land…

Key West 225 DC

at a boys

Luke 8:22-25

Nothing wrong with that report for March. Congrats boys.

Originally posted by duckcommander I know my quads would never fit in those pants without a whole lot of lubrication.

Thanks again for the trip Skinee. Was a fun day with a fun crew.

you are a dolphin fishing mochine