The wife's new ride.

For anyone saw, or cares to see the drama of our search for 3 months, you can see here.

But we finally brought her home last night. We ultimately went with the Lexus GX460, and just bit the bullet an ordered a 2017 just like we want. Moved past the mpg and couldn’t be happier. This thing does so many things so well, and the wife did a great job researching colors to get the right interior leather and wood combo to make it very luxurious to suit her. Couldn’t be happier, and this thing will be in the family a long time.

We saved a ton also. A couple of tips. Hold out until the last day of the month, and a slow month helps, and use the leverage of being present and able to drive off that day so they can meet their quotas. Also purchase from a dealer who values their survey ■■■■■■■■ and use it to leverage either more money, or accessories for positive ■■■■■■■■. We were only offered $2k off at Christmas, ended up just under $6k off MSRP, and got free 3m sticker protectants on the doors and free all weather mats.

Thanks to those who cared for the help. It felt like an eternity shopping around, but was fun driving so many different models. 3 months isn’t too bad to get a vehicle we plan to drive for 12-15 years.

Sorry for the night pics.

With the amount of work that you invested in this, I pray that you get as many fishing trips out of this year as you deserve!

I agree with 23 on that! She should clean all the fish you catch and wash the boat too:wink:!

that’ll shut her up