Theiving bastards cut my gates off the post and took them away. How much $$ can you get for 2 rusty gates?
They stole the gate off my back entrance a couple years ago. This was from my front entrance:rage::rage::rage:

That sucks. Sadly it seems that the promise of $5 is enough for some useless turd to steal other people’s property. They probably to it to a scrap metal place and got a few $ out of it. As long as they can find a buyer, they will continue to steal. Some folks will work harder stealing than they will to actually earn a paycheck. I like the old “eye for an eye” system of punishment. You steal, you lose ahand.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Take some long nails & drive through a 2x6.
Bury 2x6 under sand / dirt a couple truck lengths back from gate & leave nail points sticking just out if dirt. Replacing 2 to 4 tires will make them think twice next time.
Of course a trail camera may catch them too.
Nails are just more satisfying.

Hate that for you.
I had crack head steal my 2 Dewalt drills but idiot was so high he forgot to take the 4 batteries & 2 charges plugged up next to the drills.

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I’m very sorry to hear that. I hate a thief.

I’m going to lock my gates to a drilled hole in the base of my steel posts. At least try to make it a little harder on them if they try to steal mine. I’ve got cameras around, but even with that evidence its hard to get anything accomplished. The law tends to look out for the criminals these days. Its sad.

Did you file a police report? What kind of gates were they, the cattle kind?

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I did a job in Clinton several years ago… The crackheads were stealing manhole covers and drain grates. Seen on the news they were recovered at the local scrap yard. They all had stamped in great big bold letters city of Clinton public works. Hopefully the scrap yard was charged.
There was a couple that were trying to cut wires out of a cell tower. Guess what they’re 440 volts. They were found fried.
Just last week I took a load of aluminum and copper cleaned out the warehouse. Got a little over 800 bucks free money.
Waiting to get my my money I noticed a van that belong to a guy I know. Plumber. It was one of his employees I noticed he was scrapping new roles of copper tubing and copper fittings. I called old boy and told him what was up. He was there in like 5 minutes. Cops took over 20 minutes. Over $200 worth of material that he was going to get $30 for. Cops did not want to arrest him they said well you got your stuff back. He raised hell until they finally arrested him.

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Yeah, the Scrap Metal sales “license” folks are supposed to have doesn’t seemed to have helped all that much.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

What I have seen in my neck of the woods are individuals opening up small back yard scrap yards. Crackheads are bringing stolen stuff to them & getting pennies on the dollar. Then the Small scrap guy breaks down the items (A/C units, cars, ect…) and they haul it to the real scrap yards or selling off the parts on craigslist.
Of course everyone knows what is going on but nothing is done about it.

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I keep a big scrap dumpster supplied by Charleston Steel for all scrap steel. I recently took 1500lbs of lead to Sunshine recyclers in Orangeburg. They would not take it because I did not have my non-ferrous license. After showing a business Tax I.D. and a copy of my drivers license they took it. Some companies do the right thing… many other not so much. Like so many things in modern times… just no repercussion/ accountability for breaking the law. Unless something drastic happens, it will only get worse.

Partner-ship, the sorry thieves at tops that I know of might get $5.50 for a hundred pounds of scrap steel… maybe 6. Scrap prices are down. You should have seen all the stuff brought into scrap yards a few years ago when prices were as high as $14 a hundred. Tractors, implements, trucks, cars… There were some local guys (Dad and son) that got caught stealing stranded cars on the side of the interstate. You are suppose to have a title to scrap a car or truck, and one of our local scrap yards did the right thing and reported them. As Dfreedom said, unfortunately many scrap yards do not adhere to the law. My nephew (a cop) said people will just load stuff up in the middle of the day with no cares. Hope they get caught. You’ve really had some hard times with thieves and poachers.

I know it doesn’t help much, but I’ve seen those cattle gates go for somewhat cheap prices at the big equipment auctions. I saw some 12’ gates go for about 100 each sometime last summer. It just depends on who’s there and who feels like messing with them at the time. But in your situation, maybe its worth your time to build a wooden fence so they have nothing left to steal for scrap. I know it sucks.

Once you start ordering the hardware and brackets, they can get quite pricey at tractor supply.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

There have been some sketchy looking guys cutting up the billboards that fell down during the tornadoes. They were backed down in that hole with a 1997-2003 model tan f150 with a trailer about 2-3 weeks ago after dark and I noticed the torch burning down there. About 100yds from these gates.

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Guess you have gate money now.

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Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.