There's a new sheriff in town

I’ve had a little issue with petty crime on my street over the past few months and so I reached out to the new sheriff. I made an appointment through her secretary and was able to meet with her face to face at the Al Cannon Detention Center on Leeds. I was born and raised in Charleston, and so was my wife. We’re in our 40s, so the only sheriff we’ve ever known was Al Cannon. To say that we were shocked of the outcome of the last election is an understatement. He’s been the sheriff since I was nine years old. With that being said, I was just sure we were going to go in there and get push back and leave with a bad taste for LEOs.

My experience was quite the opposite. Sheriff Graziano was very accommodating, eager to listen and offer out of the box solutions, and personable. While we obviously have many differences, we are also a lot alike, and that was refreshing to discover. We talked about what I came to talk about for an hour, and then the other 40 minutes we were together was talking and laughing about how she grew up first mating on charter boats off Virginia and me growing up fishing and crabbing off the end of Folly Beach. It was really a good moment for both of us I think. We both shared some of our fishing techniques and pictures of recent catches. I certainly understand now, having spent just a little time with her, how she got elected.

I just wanted to share my experience here with you guys as I know we probably all have preconceived notions about this change at our local LEO level. If you get the opportunity to meet and talk with her, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

I think what you posted is a lot of issues here on CFC. We all get preconceived notions on a persons character. To meet someone in person and see facial expressions and carry on a good conversation dropping political affiliations can change a lot. I’d assume face to face many would not be so willing or brave enough to have a laugh at someone else’s expense. I will say no surprises meeting you Ricky, you struck me as an upfront guy and proved that to be the case. I’d be willing to bet a shiny Nickle Polly and I would have a lot in common as long as politics and religion never surfaced. Probably why I get along so well with my co workers and friends. I use this sight for my political rants. Well… mostly.

Glad you had a good experience with your New Sheriff. All through my life I’ve really only had one bad experience with the law and that was Military and a Girl liking me a bit more than her ex cop boyfriend. Got me in a lot of trouble Initially, but it all worked out. I’ve got a lot of family here in Walterboro in L.E. and I hold huge respect for our brothers in Blue. Every speeding ticket I’ve gotten was disserved, except one in Cottageville for 38 in a 35… following traffic but in the back of the pack. That was b.s.

sorry rambling… Beautiful day so far!! Got my buddy helping me and hollering at every little noise. Spring is here! cucumbers and squash up.