Thermal optics

Posted in hunting subforum, realized this may be better place. Take advantage of my startup status! I need to push some volume with new distributor so can offer the best deal you’ll find on ATN, Burris, Sig, etc., w.out being a dealer anyway. Something else you need firearm or related (am also FFL)? Will see if I can get it!

I sent you a couple of PM’s, as of now haven’t heard back so I’ll ask here.

Best cash price (folding green money) on an ATN ThOR 384 2-8X

EF, I’ve replied to your PMs twice, but I find this board’s PM function cumbersome and I can’t tell if they’re getting to you.

Shoot me an email, thanks!

email sent

Good for you, Ducowti.

About a year ago, purchased a Super Hogster as well as an ATN PVS14 P3. Added a Steiner Abal illuminator in front of ATN. Wish would have went with the Dbal.

Got the QD mounts, and swivel mount on the ATN, as well for the Super Hogster.

Anyway, really thinking about a dedicated NOD setup. Don’t wanna be moving stuff around.

Still looking into best way to go.

For anyone questioning what’s available, it’s amazing. It’s one of those things that when you buy it, and skimped on price, you will regret it down the road.

Just my opinion.


(**(), broo, you’re serious about your night hunting!

These thermals, esp with their wifi and BT casting to a tag-a-long’s phone, and other info displayed are so awesome! It really is amazing what’s available.

D, will you be selling helmets?? Wanna bump type.

Wanna get the PVS 14 off the rifle and use as NOD. Having to hold rifle up to scan is nuts, and gets heavy. Let the IR laser on end of rifle paint the target and go time. Scan with your noggin, not the rifle.


Neither dist. with which I’m established have them at the moment, but will check w.the LE/mil vendor just getting setting up with tomorrow and advise…

Good call BTW - it does indeed get to be a pain scanning w.the rifle.

How do you like NV vs thermal for this use - reckon you like it over thermal since that’s what you’re running. I haven’t used NV, only thermal.

I’ve been looking at the Sightmark Wraith as I can get a pretty good deal on it. Don’t “need” it but…

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

No sir, you do not “need” it, but it sure is nice! :sunglasses: