Thermostat stupidity

so i buy a new t-stat as i could tell the original i don’t think has ever been changed since it took a few prayers to get it off. And corrosion was everywhere. anyway, i’m cranking the new one down from amazon and i hear a crack. cant really see anything so crank it up and sure enough it’s leaking through the housing. of coarse nobody is open tomorrow so I won’t be getting the boat wet. It’s always something. simple maintenance seems to always turn into a big deal in my driveway! Owell, thanks for listening to me vent.
All my wife understands is “so it’s worse now than when you tried to fix it” :roll_eyes:

define housing

is it cracked on the shroud around the TS, or the bolt hole under it?

please say the shroud

what motor?

I got a Honda, it was leaking through the cracked plastic TS housing at one of the 2 attachment points

I sheared a bolt head getting it off and had to take it to get drilled and tapped for a slightly bigger bolt

Yea it’s through the shroud about half inch above where bottom bolt is.

2006 merc EFI 115

Wasn’t that 115 Merc. a four cylinder? Yamaha powerhead, IIRC?

i belive so. this was the last year Merc used the yamaha powerhead