They played hard to get today.

In a spot I usually catch at least 15-20 trout was a bust. I did everything I knew to catch them I used all different lures and then I resorted to live shrimp under a popper. And I caught 4 under the popper. I got a thousand little nibbles and all my bait taken on at least 50 cast. They seem to be skiddish or the rain fall made them not eat or they just weren’t there. Over all a good day! Glad to get out there, been working and sitting and I was itching to get out there. Hopefully I’ll get them next time.

Glad to see you out there. I don’t think you did too badly considering the recent weather. For curiosity, were you fishing in a place where you got a huge amount of downstream fresh water or just run off from the mainland? Also, did you catch the shrimp? Would be interested to know if the shrimp headed out to sea with the fresh water.

Orm-I did catch the shrimp, I went shrimping before the storms and saved some of the smaller ones for trout. I was fishin close to a inlet so salt water was being recycled, and there wasn’t any down stream or overflow of freshwater in the spot but the rain still affected the fishing quite a lot. Hopefully the fishing will go back to normal by next weekend!

Charles Jones

“I got a thousand little nibbles and all my bait taken” = pinfish.

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Thousand of little nibbles is the best kind for taking little kids fishing. Use little hooks and chunks of shrimp and it is non-stop mayhem.

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Darn pinfish, bait stealing little rascals!

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