Things that go bump in the night

Recently as things have been warming up I have noticed a huge increase in wildlife activity along the wetlands that run along my backyard. The deer are out in big numbers, coons have been climbing the trees, I have seen a few coyotes and a good mix of ducks. The most noticeable and pretty neat aspect of this uptick in wildlife activity is a huge amount of owls that have been hooting and hollering and staging in a big tree in the backyard. One thing of note is the crows can’t stand them and have been hunting them down. A single crow will locate these owls and will then proceed to call in an army of other crows, which will then attack the owls. They overwhelm them with a relentless bombardment and are trying to wear them down and even kill them if given the opportunity. I took a few photos of the owls with my phone. Later I was reviewing the photos and zooming in on them to get a better look at these beautiful birds and quickly discovered that they looked eerily like monsters. Thats right, I said monsters. I will post the 5 photos and hope they are in order. The first photo looks like my wifes head perched on the left part of the tree with a monster on the right. She agrees it does look like her. The second looks like a bigfoot staring at you from behind a tree. The third looks just like a gargoyle with a human like beastly face. The forth and fifth photo are just some owls relaxing on a tree. Any of you other folks have any experiences with monsters?

Lots of Owls around here as well too. Neighborhood’s posting missing Cats on our Facebook page regularly too.

Very cool and great pic Stlhunr, Its pretty neat how they have human like faces. I have seen mobs of crows attack them for hours. Running them from one tree to the next. Wearing them down. I had to look it up and apparently the two can’t stand each other and its common for them to fight it out.

Have about six like that one living along a ditch that runs along my house. Hear them every evening. I use an Owl decoy standing on a black rag to make Crows think that Owl killed their buddy, and add a few Crow decoys around the Owl while Crow hunting. Works real well too…:smiley:

Pretty cool. Learn something new everyday. I didn’t know about the crows attacking the owls or the decoy trick.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Thank you OTC. These are fascinating creatures. I hope you all have a great Easter:smiley:

Cool pics! You can call in owls like Crows at night. Best me and my son ever did was have five come to us. As for the crows my inlaws have an eagles nest near their dock and they were talking about how the crows this year have been really giving them greif. Even going as far as tearing up the nest the nest.

Fred I’m hanging out with my feathered friends right now. The owl is looking at me as I type. They were here this morning as well. It must be mating season or something. I can’t stand those dam crows. They come up in here ruining the peace. CAW, CAW, CAW. They are like a bunch of hooligans looking to cause trouble. I have been tempted to put the red rider to them, but have held back. Good to see the family today, nothing wrong with a slab of ham and some mack and cheese:+1:

Should I be offended? HA

Hooligan… I guess the name fits if you are asking that question. Lol. Too many already taking offense when they need not. :smiley:. Crows are racist and participation trophies have given way to the excuse of laziness.

Hooligan :smiley: Y’all think I’m old but I know those songs you young bucks listen to.

I like owls.Seen some big ones in the swamps,I remember telling my pap that I seen a little dwarf in a tree watching me.A ten year old imagination running wild late in the evening when it was getting dark.haha

What! You posting a mid seventies Kiss song and calling those that listen to a mid seventies Kiss song a young buck!

So was Bo Carter one of your era’s musicians?

I played this for my dad a couple weeks ago when I took him to a Dr. appointment. He laughed until he had tears in his eyes. He would always joke with us boys (when we were older) about lead in your pencil.

If you can’t find it on youtube or amazon it’s got to be pretty rare. Bo Carter has some really funny stuff out there. I thought your videos were funny fred but this is what I listened to.

That’s my dads music I never liked country music growing up, but I now have a classic country station on Pandora. Been listening to a lot of Johny cash and lorn Green lately.