Things that pizz you off..

Took the guys to lunch that are working on the parking deck 21st av. There are 4 restaurants right there. Gave them the choice well it was 3 and 3 River City Cafe real good hamburgers. And Soho. So I flipped a coin. Soho.
So when we was ordering I noticed on the menu the gratuity would be added for parties of 6 and more there were 7 of us. Ask them not to put it on the bill. The bill comes $187. Didn’t realize lunch was going to cost that much…oops.
There a chain and that’s company policy so if they would not remove it. I always tip in cash never put it on the bill.
Our waitress was on the ball. And I’m sure they’re not accustomed to having groups like us in there. Dirty and loud haha… I still left her a $50 for putting up with us…

If I see a notice that the gratuity is added to the bill I leave the area After I tell them that I don’t play their game

Gratuity is earned not deserved.

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Tipping has gotten out of hand. Everywhere you go now, there seems to be a tip jar.

I got a call a couple of days ago from a guy stating he was my Door Dash and was out front with my order. I told him that I had not ordered anything from Door Dash, have never ordered anything from DD and did not have the app on my phone.

I look out my front window and there sits this guy in his car, looking at my house so I stepped out on the porch and and told him again that I had not ordered any food from Door Dash. He said, “It ain’t food, its from Bed, Bath & Beyond”. What? I had ordered something for one of my boys and it included free delivery but, they never said it would be delivered by DD. I went out and got it and apologized and told the guy I thought DD delivered food. He said they do but they now deliver other things. He stood there for a minute after handing me my package so I said thanks again and went inside. He looked a bit pissed and by the time I got to the porch, I realized he was probably expecting a tip.

The whole experience irritated me and I dang sure wasn’t tipping the guy. I didn’t have any money on me anyway, I was at home. BB&B should have communicated that DD would be delivering my package.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

DD sucks. Used once & ended up having to get my pizza myself before the place closed.
No more pizza delivery guys.

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100% agree with tips are earned. Half glass of tea length and how big a smile is has a big affect on tip rate.

I’m like OTC, I never tip on a credit card always in cash. A tip IMO needs to go straight to the server and not divided with the owner or given to Uncle Sam.