Think I remember how

Cannot believe it’s not been in the water forever maybe 4 months.
Up till 0 dark30 cleaning the boat.
I should be ashamed of myself for letting my boat get this nasty.

Late start but should be on the water by 8:30.

I learned to value of a good cover a while back…especially since mine sits dry rotting in the driveway.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

I know what you mean. My boat got nasty as all get out over the winter. I tried some before and after pictures but had trouble posting them. I used boat soap, nonskid deck cleaner, black scuff remover and anything else I could find in the shop (even tried house cleaner). I thought it was going to take days of hard work to get it clean. WELL I did find something that made the nasty stuff disappear. I tell ya’ll I was dumbfounded at how well it worked. Just spray it on and shazam. The boat was white as new with just one pass. What was this fantastic product ? Nothing other than plain clean spigot water! I would just spray it on and the stains just disappeared. I must admit I did run the water through a 12 hp pressure washer before I sprayed it on the boat.

Good luck and a great boating season.

The boat was white as new

So, what are you really saying?

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

I’ve got a cover a cheaper one most likely Chinese but it’s held up several years. Probably because it’s spent most of his life in the shed. Haha The boat has a t-top and the dammmn zippers backwards zips from the bottom up. Didn’t cover it cuz I was always saying well next week will go fish and next week never came till now…

We started today out at the near shore the ocean was like a big pond.

We call a bunch of short sea bass.
Spanish rolling everywhere.
Tossed everything I had at them.
Gotya plugs various colors and sizes.
Live bait but I was short hit.
Then put a silver spoon on.
First cast fish on second cast fish on.
Pulled the second fish in the boat the spoon broke. I had a gold spoon no takers.
Moved back into the Creeks to chase some redfish. No luck fished for about an hour and a half headed back to the house.
But what a pretty day.

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